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There are several ways you can place an order for Avon:
1) You can order online at and register as my client. Your order will get shipped directly to your door and will include the next campaign brochure.
2) Call, email, text, or talk to me in person to become my client then give me the 6 digit number next to the item you would like to order. Be sure to check the back of the brochure to see when it expires.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Avon Products for Tahitian Dancers

Hello everyone! This post is for my fellow Tahitian dancers. These are products that I saw in the Campaign 13 and 14 catalogs of Avon and said, "Hey, this would be great for a show!". So here you go girls, all the product listed for your convenience. Pick out the ones that you need, mix and match to find your right formula to look your best for our show and competition. The page numbers listed are from Campaign 13 catalog but all of the products listed repeat in Campaign 14 catalog.

1) Page 6. Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner. Retractable, self-sharpening. Up to 12-hour wear. Five different shades. $6.00.
2) Page 6. Supershock Mascara Waterproof. Voluminous waterproof mascara. Four different shades. $8.50.
3) Page 47. True Color Eyeshadow Quad. Color stays true up to 12 hours. Recommended colors: Smokey Eyes, Earth Tones, or Mocha Latte.
4) Page 37. Perfect Wear Extralasting Liquid Foundation SPF 15. Transfer-proof up to 12 hours; built-in primer for smooth, flawless coverage; waterproof. Sale $8.99. Reg $12.00.
5) Page 47. True Color Blush. Color that last for hours. Recommended colors: Soft Plum, or Cranberry. $8.00.
6) Page 47. Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick SPF 15. Bright bold color. Recommended colors: Charged Cherry, Brilliant Berry. $8.00.

Skin and Body:
1) Page 10. Skin So Soft Satin Glow Absolute Glow Gel. A 4-in-1 gel formula that gives skin a natural radiant glow plus minimizes hair and cellulite. $10.00
2) Page 190. Mineral Gems Glamorous Gold Gelled Body Oil. A rich formula that smoothes and caresses your body with a gentle golden shimmer. $7.00.

1) Paige 169. Advanced Techniques Volumizing Mouse. Feels natural never sticky. $4.00
2) Paige 169. Advanced Techniques Volumizing Hairspray. For full bounce and body. $4.00

If you are interested in any of the products listed call, text, email, or facebook me for any questions or to make an order. Campaign 13 orders are due Sunday, June 13th and will arrive just before our June 26 and 27 shows. Campaign 14 orders are due Sunday, June 27 and will arrive just before San Jose Tahiti Fete. Peace love and Makeup!